Our Brazilian Wax Special

Brazilian Wax Treatment

Get your bikini line ready for the Summer
Are you tired of razor burn and keeping up your bikini line all throughout summer? Shaving your bikini line can be tiresome, but also painful as it’s a sensitive area and the hairs are more prone to growing back as ingrowns – never a pretty sight. This is where a Brazilian wax can be a refreshing treatment for the summer .

Regular $35.00

Special $25.00

Naked Skinn Studio
This Special Starts: 06/01/2019 & Ends: 06/31/2019

Our facility is clean & comfortable

There's always a healthy refreshments available for your enjoyment. We ample free parking in a business area. Our procedure rooms are clean and adequately stocked with supplies, stare-of-the-art equipment with good lighting.

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