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Intoducing Pro Cell Collagen induction Therapy

Precision micro-needles are tapped into the skin creating uniform micro-channels. A single pass over the face using the ProCell system will create hundreds of thousands of micro-channels. Each micro-channel is surrounded by healthy tissue, which enhances the healing process. In response to each microinjury, an inflammatory healing process begins which initiates the formation of new collagen. Over time, the repeated healing process will build new collagen, creating healthier skin, improving the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin.

Scar Improvement. Micro-channeling reduces the look of scars from acne, surgery, or stretch marks by breaking down old tissue and fostering the development of healthier skin. Reduction of facial lines and wrinkles by increasing the collagen and communication levels in the skin, micro channeling facilitates thicker, younger looking skin with minimal downtime.

Prevents aging signs. Micro-channeling, when combined with stem-cell derived human growth factors, keeps communication prevalent, allowing the prevention of future signs of aging from ever coming in. What makes this ProCell serum so unique?

If you are in search of a micro-channeling product that contains the most effective growth factors which enhance communication to your skin, then Procell is for you. Using a culmination of very specific growth factors derived from the most effective stem cells (18-26 year old) within the human body we are able to achieve the highest collagen production possible.

$250 per treatment or 3 for $600

Pro Cell

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